Why Alpha Sigma Phi?

To all potential new members,

 The Delta Upsilon chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi at Virginia Tech practices year round recruitment. We are always searching for quality men who wish to uphold our values while bettering our fraternity and themselves. We are one of the fastest growing fraternities at Virginia Tech and nationwide and look forward to gaining more and more new members.

 There are many reasons to become a member of Alpha Sigma Phi. Joining Alpha Sigma Phi means giving yourself access to numerous leadership opportunities as well as an academic support network of students. Upon graduation members will become a part of a growing pool of alumni who can serve as business connections and lifelong friends. Becoming a member of Alpha Sigma Phi also means becoming a member of a large and active Greek community at Virginia Tech. The ability to participate in philanthropies and other activities with the Greek community allows our members to have more involvement on campus and develop a stronger connection to the university.

 Joining Alpha Sigma Phi has certainly been one of the best decisions I have made while being a student at Virginia Tech. The friends I have made and the experiences I have had through the fraternity have been the highlights of my time at college. If you are considering joining Alpha Sigma Phi please reach out to me with any questions regarding recruitment or the fraternity.

Peter Kondakov

[email protected]
2020 Recruitment Chair
Alpha Sigma Phi | Delta Upsilon Chapter

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